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The idea behind Becca Gates Creative was born in January of 2020. Then as we know Covid-19 lockdown struck and my kiddos were sent home and continued to do virtual schooling for 15 months. My priorities and time shifted to my family but I am excited to finally launch my business two years later. 

The concept is an overarching business where I can partake in any creative whim I may desire! My college degree is in Graphic Design and I have also loved design. It goes hand and hand with photography very well. I also love the the ideas of brainstorming, social media and creative consulting with others if they need that wheelhouse more represented in their project process.

Becca Gates Photography has been my long term business of 13 years and will continue to be but I am excited to build my brand bigger and offer more services as I transition into a new phase of life having all my kiddos in school full time this fall.

Email me at [email protected] to get started in any print graphic design or creative consulting needs!

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